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Foaming Fury is Cairns’ premier white water rafting company that offers a range of white water rafting tours for thrill seekers and families alike. Foaming Fury utilises the latest in white water rafting technology and is a world leader in training and safety standards. This vibrant and innovative company offers a friendly and professional service and works hard to ensure that guests feel safe and confident before their day of adventure.

Foaming Fury offers full day and half day tours on rivers around Cairns including the Barron and Russell River. The Barron River has guaranteed water levels year round. The Barron River is a half day adventure where you will encounter rapids as extreme as Grade 3. The family rafting trip on the Barron River experiences a maximum of Grade 2 rapids and is suitable for kids 6 and older. The mighty Russell River provides passengers with an even bigger thrill. This thundering river system has rapids up to Grade 4 and is a full day, adrenaline pumping experience.

Foaming Fury has been in operation on the Russell and Barron River for 12 years. The rafting professionals are trained to the highest standards possible and safety is always put to the forefront. The imported South African rafts are made with the finest materials and engineered with state of the art equipment. No experience is necessary on any of the white water rafting tours and rafting trips can be done in conjunction with other activities such as skydiving, reef trips, hot air ballooning, horse riding and rainforest tours.

To prepare for your rafting experience make sure you bring your swim wear (or clothing that is allowed to get wet,) a large towel, money for souvenirs and snacks, a change of clothes, $4 for rental shoes and waterproof sunscreen. Please leave jewellery at home and notify staff of medical conditions.

There is a pay-on-board levy of $25.00.

Half Day Barron River Adventure

For the Barron River Half Day Adventure you will be picked up from your hotel at midday for a 2:00pm commencement (during the wet season, an early session is available.) Courtesy pick ups are available from your Cairns and Port Douglas accommodation.

The Barron River is located northwest of Cairns. Upon arrival at the river you will get a quick orientation before boarding your eight person raft. Enjoy two fun filled hours on grade 2 and 3 rapids such as kitchen sink, butchers pass, rooster tail, cheese churn and mother in law.

Hold on tight as you manipulate your raft throughout rapids, dips, falls and canyons — prepare to get wet! Although no experience is necessary to conquer the Barron River, prepare to have a jaw dropping experience.

Foaming Fury — Barron River Foaming Fury — Barron River Jungle Surfing — Barron River

Barron River Family Rafting

Family rafting on the Barron River is a great family tour and serves as an introduction to rafting for children 6-12 years old. Ride in a two passenger raft (adult and child) or an eight person raft (children over the age of 10 can be in a raft without an adult.)

After you are collected from your accommodation in Cairns it is a 20 minute drive northwest, or from your accommodation in Port Douglas it is a 60 minute drive southwest to get to the Barron Falls. After comprehensive safety training, board your raft for two hours of exhilarating family fun. Conquer grade 1 and 2 rapids in the safety of some of the world’s best manufactured rafts and most skillful guides.

Enjoy the dense rainforest surrounds; white water rafting in the Barron River is a great way to view the World Heritage-listed rainforest and get up close and personal with the wonderful flora and fauna. As the kids are enjoying the thrills sit back and soak in the tropical atmosphere all around.

Foaming Fury — Barron River Family Rafting Foaming Fury — Barron River Family Rafting Jungle Surfing — Barron River Family Rafting

Full Day Russell River Adventure

For a full day adrenaline packed white water tour go no further than the roaring Russell River. A courtesy shuttle will collect you from your Cairns or Port Douglas accommodation between 8:00am and 9:00am. From there it is an hour south of Cairns to the powerful Russell River. You will begin with a rainforest trek through the dense foliage giving you a great first hand look at the World Heritage-listed rainforest. After your interpretive rugged rainforest hike have a cooling off swim in a freshwater swimming hole.

Rafting on the Russell River is exhilarating!! This beautiful river only one hour south of Cairns is renowned for being the most gorgeous commercially-rafted river in this region. It is a fast wild river that winds through deep rainforest gorges. There is no previous experience needed to tackle the mighty Russell. The rapids rafted are classified 1-4. So yes. Oh yes. There are a range of fun rapids to maneuver. Get excited. Very excited. This day is not your average rafting trip. Sports rafts. You are doing this tandem.

Foaming Fury conveniently picks up from Port Douglas to Cairns; not too early, though — this tour starts later than most!! The bus ride is an interpretation sightseeing ride down to the Russell River. The Russell River rafts are from South Africa and made from the highest quality of materials. The owner/operator Peter Fancis, who is a 4th generation local Far North Queensland lad, has won many rafting championships and has great accolades. His vision to grow rafting is upheld strongly by his knowledgeable and friendly staff. The safety standards are more than met, that’s for sure. You really feel like a tight team.

First leg is to load up with all the rafting equipment, pumps, first aid kits, life jackets and paddles. I love the fact that you don’t just get off a bus and launch into a river. There is time to be at one with Cairns’ beautiful surroundings. You really do get a feel for the dense rainforest of Far North Queensland. Wading through rock pools, scaling up and down rocks, crawling through smaller rapids. It’s a real triumph when at the end of the 45 minute trek that you have conquered the first stage. Standing at the water edge you are ready as ready to get into that nice cool water and start rafting that amazing Russell River with the great crew of Foaming Fury. There is time here to swim as the trusty crew pumps up the rafts.

And we are off. Rafting the Russell. There is no traffic as Foaming Fury is the only operator to raft this untouched waterway. We then hit the rapids. We start with Leichart rapid which also has a rather rude commonly known name. Basalt Gap, Pincall Parlor, blind treat, the waterfall. Now here comes Rollercoaster. What a rapid! What a spill! My buddy and I are out and we are swimming that rapid! It simply adds to the excitement of rafting. After a good three hours of rafting we hit the last rapid. Indeed we come out at that rapid and so gracefully float with the current to the end of the magnificent Russell River.

Time for lunch! The great crew of Foaming Fury, the masters of the Russell River, cook you a great Australian BBQ while you kick back reminiscing about the day.

Foaming Fury — Russell River Foaming Fury — Russell River Foaming Fury — Russell River

International Grading System

  • Grade 1: Simple easy rapids
  • Grade 2: Simple technical rapids with a need to maneuver raft.
  • Grade 3: Moderate rapids with the need to hold on at times and maintain control of rafts.
  • Grade 4: Moderate technical rapids with the need to hold on at times, and definite continuous need to maneuver rafts. Exciting rafting.
  • Grade 5: Heavy, difficult rapids. Essential to maintain control. Steep gradient.
  • Grade 6: Extremely difficult rapids. Necessary to be in control but rarely possible. Dangerous rafting.

Current Prices
  Mon, 21 Apr Tue, 22 Apr Wed, 23 Apr Thu, 24 Apr Fri, 25 Apr Sat, 26 Apr Sun, 27 Apr Mon, 28 Apr  
Barron River Half Day Rafting Ex Cairns $108.00 $108.00 $108.00 $108.00 $108.00 $108.00 $108.00 $108.00
Barron River Half Day Rafting Ex Port Douglas $128.00 $128.00 $128.00 $128.00 $128.00 $128.00 $128.00 $128.00
Barron River Half Day Rafting Group Rate Ex Cairns (4 or more persons) $103.00 $103.00 $103.00 $103.00 $103.00 $103.00 $103.00 $103.00
Barron River Half Day Rafting Group Rate Ex Port Douglas (4 Or More Persons) $123.00 $123.00 $123.00 $123.00 $123.00 $123.00 $123.00 $123.00
Cape Tribulation Day Tour with Active Tropics Explorer $139.00 $139.00 $139.00 $139.00 $139.00 $139.00 $139.00 $139.00
Port Douglas Shuttle Cairns to Port Douglas One Way $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00
Port Douglas Shuttle Port Douglas to Cairns One Way $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00 $28.00
Port Douglas Shuttle-Return Transfers From Cairns $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00
Port Douglas Shuttle-Return Transfers From Port Douglas $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00

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