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AJ Hackett Minjin Jungle Swing

The AJ Hackett site is only 15 minutes north of Cairns set in flourishing tropical rainforest. Here is where the mighty Minjin Jungle swing lives. The ‘Minjin’ was named after an Aboriginal mythological angry bunyip-like creature which roamed through the rainforest. This mountain cat-like devil was evil karma but now is a symbol of good fortune. Six years ago the Minjin swing came to life in Cairns and has recorded over 20,000 swings. I myself and two friends can be added to the list as we all took up the challenge in the three-harness Minjin. What a rush and feel good karma as apparently you will be granted a charmed life for enjoying it. Quite spooky and very interesting.

You are suspended 40 meters high in a body length harness and then here comes the fun part, the adrenalin rush, you — yes you! — must yank on that cord that releases yourself to the skies. The three of us swung at a speed of 120kph in only 3.5 seconds. What a blast; what a view! Reef and rainforest. The only place in the world for two World Heritage-listed sites to meet; the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. We the daredevils swing back and forth on the Minjin swing soaring like birds, laughing and smiling. We were all engulfed with how spectacular this site is. A pretty waterfall is the back drop to the wild rides at AJ Hackett Cairns. The site is also a very clean and funky establishment with bar and BBQ lunch. The beaty music ringing out really gets your blood pumping.

AJ Hackett, the adrenalin junkie mastermind behind our Cairns Bungy and Minjin Jungle Swing site, launched his craft to the world by jumping illegally off the Eiffel Tower in 1986. This modern day version of Bungy and Minjin Jungle Swing derived from vine jumping which a tribe from an island off Vanuatu created. Bungy and the Minjin Jungle Swing are now found in nine countries. Love it that my backyard Cairns has not only Bungy and Minjin but that you jump and soar with the phenomenal views of a wonder of the world, The Great Barrier reef and the Daintree rainforest, one of the oldest rainforests in the world!

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Tour Specialists — MelanieMelanie

JUST DO IT! What a conquering day out! Great for all. Mission accomplished! Book a jump on a Sunday and join in the Sunday sessions where there are bands, jumping castles, and face painters for the kids. Even grandma and grandpa may like to have a swing.

Melanie: the tour specialists consultant

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