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For your experience of a lifetime, the Quicksilver crew take you to the Great Barrier Reef at the very edge of Australia's Continental Shelf, to an underwater world that is a dazzling kaleidoscope of colour and brilliance. This big fast stable catamaran takes you to the Agincourt Reef, a magnificent ribbon reef where you can experience first hand the magic that is the Great Barrier Reef. Be prepared to get pampered by Quicksilver's friendly and smiling crew as soon as you arrive on the boat. Whilst you are out there I definitely recommend you try the helicopter scenic flight from the platform, you will be astonished by all the marine creatures you can spot from the sky. Manta rays, reef sharks, green turtles and even Humpback and Minke whales during their migration but remember to pre-book the flight with us as they only cater for so many scenic flights per day and if you have travelled half way around the world to see the Great Barrier Reef then a helicopter flight is not to be missed.

Your day starts when the big silver luxury coach picks you up from your accommodation and takes you to Port Douglas (65 klms North of Cairns) Bill Clinton and lots of movie stars and celebrities love this place. You then get to enjoy a beautiful scenic drive along the Coral Coast and have the opportunity to get some great photographs. This drive always reminds me of Hawaii but with the Australian fauna and flora of the tropics and the Savannah thrown in.

Around 9.30 am a complimentary morning tea/coffee is served on boarding. Then for your safety, hot drinks are not served once the vessel is underway. All passengers are required to be onboard the vessel 15 minutes before departure.

10.00 am You depart Marina Mirage for the Outer Barrier Reef. You then get to watch a fascinating Marine Biology presentation on what you are about to experience yourself whilst on the reef. After that you get some snorkeling advice and a demonstration on how to use the equipment that is supplied on board.

11.30 am : Arrive at Agincourt Pontoon to begin your reef activities. The pontoon here is huge and great for non-swimmers who still want to experience the reef.

Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef — Couples Safety Couples Safety
Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef — Helicopter Helicopter
Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef — Ocean Walker Ocean Walker

Enjoy swimming and snorkelling from the submerged platforms on the pontoon. An Underwater observatory to view the beautiful coral formations and tropical fish and to take photographs of friends and family whilst they are diving and snorkelling. It's fascinating and you even get to stay dry! Semi-submersible submarines depart every fifteen minutes from the rear of the platform and glide around displaying the beauty of the Ribbon Reefs and the creatures that live here. Glass bottom boat tours with a Marine Naturalist and you don't get wet! Try a pre-booked guided snorkelling tour with a marine naturalist. They will point out things you probably did not see and they pick things up from the sea bed and let you touch them. If you are a certified diver then you will love this spot. Introductory diving is provided here as well and what a spot to do your first dive. That is real brag material! Lunch [included in the fare] is served. And boy, are you ready for it after all that activity. You get to enjoy a hot and cold tropical buffet, which includes fresh prawns, pastas, meats, salads and fruit. All nationalities and tastes are covered here! There are full bar facilities available where you can purchase drinks later in the day.

Lunch is over so it's off for more activity or just sit back relax and take in the view in the big comfortable club lounges. Try a glass bottom boat tour to the outer edges with a marine naturalist on board to educate on the ecology of the reef and its occupants. Around 3.00 pm you finish up the activities and depart Agincourt Reef for Port Douglas and enjoy a reef video viewing as you cruise home in style. Arrive at Marina Mirage, Port Douglas around 4.30pm and board your luxury coach for the journey back to your accommodation.

The Tour Specialists tip

Tour Specialists — FlorenceFlorence

By far the most popular reef trip of all as it suits all types of people. Wheelchair accessible and a hydraulic system to get people with disabilities in to enjoy the reef, babies in prams and people that get motion sickness love this vessel as it is a Wave Pearcer and has stabilizers to cut thru waves and it is also great for the non-swimmers as the pontoon has all the toys on it. It's big, its fast and it get's you to where you need to be to see the reef at its best. We love it!

Florence — the tour specialists consultant

Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef — Semi-submersible Semi-submersible
Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef — Underwater Observing Underwater Observing
Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef — Wavepiercer Wavepiercer
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